Mission Statement

As of April 2019, (See news and updates page) our mission statement has been revised to reflect a change in the geographical location of the Beit Chabad (Chabad House), from India to Thailand. The remainder of the statement remains exactly the same: the establishment of a new Beit Chabad (Chabad House) in Chaim’s name in a region where there is no current resource and there exists a need for one. Like India, there are currently a number of Chabad Houses across Thailand, yet there is still a tremendous need for additional Chabad presence to address the hundreds of thousands of travelers and tourists that visit Thailand every year, and the city of Pai has been identified as the fitting match for our mission.

Fittingly, Chaim had visited Pai, Thailand the year before his trip to India.



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At its core, the idea for a Chabad House in Chaim’s name arose from the immediate connection between the two: without Chabad’s assistance, it would have been impossible to identify Chaim and lay him to rest within only a matter of days. 

The more we thought about it, though, the more we realized how perfectly fitting this idea was. You see, Chaim was not Lubavitch or even religious, but he was an an explorer and entrepreneur who embodied the very characteristics essential to the underlying mission of the Chabad communities around the world.  He was deeply connected to tradition and family and his childhood friends, he was intelligent and creative, loyal, reliable, and capable. He found the humor in every and any situation, and the beauty in each and every person that he met. He refused to judge, or give up or give in; he followed his heart and chose every road less traveled, and along the way he shared his smile and collected friends and provided a lending hand without even a moment of hesitation.

In essence, Chaim offered the world a microcosm of what an international Chabad House provides on a daily basis: the ability to feel connected and cared for no matter your beliefs or background or how far from home you are. 

There is no right or wrong way to manage grief or death. There is literally no way to fill a void left by an individual as unique and charismatic as Chaim. Yet we owe it to him to extend our gratitude to the Chabad community on his behalf, and we owe it to him to ensure that his vibrant soul stays alive through a project that encompasses the values he so casually and naturally lived by. 

Over the course of the past year, we worked closely with the necessary Chabad leadership to identify a community where the establishment of a Chabad House will accomplish what we are collectively working to achieve: a base for the hundreds of thousands of Israelis and foreigners that pass through each year; a resource to provide support and education and meals; financial and medical assistance; guidance; and a home away from home. 






The Chabad movement provides Jewish outreach across the globe; nearly every country has a Chabad House, a community center that provides outreach, education and/or assistance to the surrounding community, regardless of an individual’s level of observance or involvement in the Jewish community itself.









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